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Over the past few years streetwear has gained a lot of popularity. To some it's all about leggings as pants, matching sweat suits and athletic sneakers with everything from party dresses to denim skirts and pants. But as time progresses we are seeing more sporty pieces became a part of our everyday wardrobes making the style more refined.

Overtime we have become daring with our choices, choosing patterns and bold colors that are eye catching and more than a basic grey/black hoodie ( even though they still look great!). But at the same time we are equally refined when it comes to tailored pieces and creating a fusion between athletic and runway-ready. Brands have grown to reflect trends that keep changing, and shoppers just can’t get enough. 

Read on to discover how to take your style to the next level with these latest streetwear trends. 

Bring the 70’s vibe back with a leather jacket


This piece gets better with time. This is probably the reason why a lot of men are returning to these leather jackets that carry a touch of the 70s when the most popular colors were black and brown. To make it look effortless you can pair it up with a turtle neck or a checkered t-shirt for a bolder look. 

Swag it up for that edgy streetwear flair

Animal prints have been super popular in women’s fashion where as men usually shied away from tiger striped button downs or leopard printed jackets. However there are some men out there who dare to experiment with fashion. 

Stripes and prints have become bigger this season and a lot of top runways are coming out with pieces that have animal prints on them.

Accessories can be your best friend

Since your outfit is mostly all fabric, adding a bit of metal will take your attire to the next level. The ‘chain on chain’ trend has been very popular on instagram but you don’t necessarily have to go heavy on this. You might want to give a single wallet chain a try to spruce up your look. 

In streetwear, shoes make the outfit

In this instance the best quote that comes to mind is “I have always felt that shoes are 90% of your outfit”.

With shoes there are so many styles and so many options to pick, the challenge is to match it up for an effortless look. Sneakers look the best with  jeans, cargo pants or trousers where as chunky silhouettes look the best with a loose, dapper bottom.

Luxe it up with a scarf


If you are someone who isn’t hesitant to experiment, try wearing a scarf that is on the bold side. Either printed, neon knitted or a designer scarf. An urban streetwear look doesn’t always have to be sporty or hip-hopsy!


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